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thickened yogurt, lemon syrup fennel pollen

Three Leaves
thickened yogurt, lemon syrup <img src=""> fennel pollen post image

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thickened yogurt, lemon syrup + fennel pollen
This recipe is based on the classic genoise technique and borrows heavily from Darina Allen's swiss roll recipe.
Save Money
You may substitute ground fennel seed for the fennel pollen or the tiniest pinch of very finely grated lemon zest. Use a coffee grinder, if you have one, to grind the fennel seed. Look for fennel seed in bulk bins so that you need only buy a tiny amount, perhaps 1/2 teaspoon for the entire recipe.
A high quality yogurt with live and active cultures is worth the splurge. You are saving by buying plain yogurt in a larger quantity.
You may use either a fine sieve or cheesecloth here. I prefer to use a sieve, though if you have it, cheesecloth makes for quick cleanup.
If you do choose cheesecloth and have a kitchen faucet which extends over your sink, cut extra length so that you may tie the gathered ends in a knot and hang it to drip.
If you do hang the yogurt in this manner, do not leave it too long to prevent spoiling.
vegetarian, gluten free

4-6 servings
equipment: small saucepan, sieve or cheesecloth, spoon
difficulty: low
Three Leaves
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3 lemons
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water

16 ounces plain, unsweetened yogurt

a generous pinch of fennel pollen


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